Get to Know Your Garden Better

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Get to Know Your Garden Better

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Advice from a Landscaper

A green lawn is fabulous, but it is not that easy to keep it lush and bright. The key, however, is not only to water it constantly, but to choose the appropriate lawn for your region and climate. The first thing you need to think about if you want to become a good landscaper is to figure out which type of grass will be more suitable for your garden. There are two types of grasses, for cold and warm weather. If you don’t know which one suits your garden better, consult a specialist.

122197772The next step is to evaluate how each type of grass will succeed according to natural factors and the type of lawn you planted. For example Festuca, also knows as Fescue, is known to be a winter grass, it is always green, while Bermudas’ are more resistant to warm temperatures than on cold. Once you have decided on the type of grass that you are going to use for your garden, the next thing you need to do is call a professional landscaper to plant the grass.

If you live in a dried area, you shouldn’t choose grass that requires a lot of water and is not very hardy on hot temperatures because sooner or later it will dry out and die. Plants, like animals, need a special habitat. So, before buying a new plant or tree, get some extra information about it: how much water and sun it will need, maximum and minimum temperatures that tolerates and see if your region matches with the requirements.

Finally, take a regular watering schedule into consideration. Don’t forget to water your garden and keep a basic maintenance of your lawn. In case you don’t have the time or knowledge to take care of your yard, hire a professional landscaper and he will do the work for you.

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