Common Irrigation Problems

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Common Irrigation Problems

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When to Contact Your Irrigation Repair Service

If you have an irrigation system at home, sure you know that they consume a lot of water, and if they don’t work correctly, they can cause great damage in your garden. If you see water pods around the heads of the irrigation, it is a clear sign that it is broken. Although some parts can be easily fixed, others require the assistance of irrigation repair service professional.

123367517If your equipment is broken, the water will leak out of the system and flood the areas around. Your water expenses will increase dramatically, also, leaking water is not of great help if you want to have an efficient landscape, and it won´t keep your landscape healthy.

Over time, irrigation heads settle in the soil and spread the water irregularly, this uneven distribution of water results on brown spots and runoff. The same happens with sunken heads, it causes spots and runoff in the land. To solve this problem, you need to get your system reinstalled by a professional irrigation repair service.

One of the most common problems about irrigation systems are the blocked heads, this blockage could be caused by a stone, overgrowth vegetation or it can just be a result of an inappropriate placement of the sprinkler in the first place.

When turning the system off, the water should stop and there should be no runoff. If your irrigation system has a runoff, it means that there is a problem with the valve. The only way to fix it is by changing the heads to one with check valve to eliminate water loss.

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